Recovery Flashable Boot logo Collection

Bootlogo For All MTK

Here I present to you bootlogo for all MTK devices. These are recovery flashable bootlogo. Just flash and enjoy the new bootlogo.

Note : Comment down below with the link of the image if you want me to make a boot logo of it only for 1280×720 resolution

Only For Personal Use
You do not have permissions to edit or share these Boot Logos anywhere else.

Only for 720×1280 screen size MTK devices

1. Skull Boot Logo

2. Too Fat To Bat Boot Logo

3. Avengers Boot Logo

4. Puma Boot Logo

5. Half Life Boot Logo

6. Intel Boot Logo

7. Nvidia Boot Logo

8. Cyanogenmod Corrupt Boot Logo

9. Superman Boot Logo

10. Spiderman Boot Logo

11. Batman Boot Logo

Flashable Boot Logo For All 

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Recovery Flashable Boot logo Collection | | 4.5