[Guide] How to make Custom Recovery Flashable Stock ROM

Make Stock ROM

Hello guys, many of you have problems finding stock ROMs online so I decided to make a guide on how you can make your own stock ROM.
Update : A step by step full HD video guide can be found 
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Things You Need :
MTK Droid Tools
SP Flash Tool backup made by MTK Droid Tools – Guide Here
META-INF – Download

Only for personal use
you shall not share this or modify this guide

How To :

1. First make a SP Flash tool backup, link on how to is above
2. Make a new folder anywhere called Stock_ROM
3. Open MTK Droid tools
4. Connect your device
5. In MTK Droid tools press the ROOT button if it is there
6. Click on ADB Terminal in MTK Droid Tools
7. A Command Prompt will appear
8. Type each line one by one :
     adb root
     adb remount
     adb pull /system system
9. Now wait for it to complete
10. You should get a new folder named system inside MTK Droid tools folder
11. Copy it and paste it inside the Stock_ROM folder we created earlier
12. Now open the folder where your SP Flash Tool Backup is stored
13. Copy boot.img from the SP Flash tool backup folder
14. Paste it in the Stock_ROM folder
15. Download the META-INF folder link is given in Things you need
16. Extract the META-INF.zip you will get a folder name META-INF again
17. Paste it in Stock_ROM folder
18. Open Stock_ROM/META-INF/com/google/android/updater script with NotePad++ only
19. In MTK Droid Tools select Blocks Map
20. A new window will appear
21. Find the things that I have highlighted

22. Open updater-script and change the mount points accordingly (change the numbers accordingly) 
NOTE : Only change the numbers nothing else



23. Now after making changes save it
24. Now zip it and your stock ROM is now ready to flash whenever
Make Stock ROM
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