[4.2.2] Official Stock Latest Color OS For MT6572

Custom ROM For All MT6572 Devices

Here I present to you the official latest stock Color OS for all MT6572 devices. Fast, Smooth, Awesome and 100% bugless

Disclaimer :
I will not be responsible for any damage done to you, your device.
Do this at your own Risk

Only for personal use.
I do not give you permissions to share this or modify this ROM

Download : Color OS

Screenshots : 
Features : 
1. 100% Stock Color OS
2. All Color OS Features
3. Good RAM management
4. Smooth
5. Completely bugless
6. Clean simple UI
7. For all MT6572 devices
8. And much more for you to discover……………….

Credits :
All credits go to me

How to port to your device : 
1 .Extract the downloaded ColorOS ROM to the desktop and Rename the folder as PORT ROM.

2. Extract the Stock ROM to your Desktop and Rename the folder as STOCK ROM. If you do not have stock ROM here is guide to make your stock ROM : Make recovery flashable Stock ROM

A step by step full 1080P HD video on the porting guide can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU9ql6qoO68 please subscribe to my channel and also press the thumbs UP button. It will encourage me to make more videos.

Note : Do not ZIP the ROM after the porting is complete you must port the kernel too, the link can be found below for the kernel porting guide

3. Now “Delete/Remove” the following files from PORT ROM folder.
















4. Now open STOCK ROM folder and Copy the above mentioned files from STOCK ROM folder to PORT ROM folder.

5. Now open STOCK ROM folder and navigate through system/etc/permissions folder and copy all the files present in that folder.

6. Now open PORT ROM folder and navigate through system/etc/permissions folder and Paste & Overwrite all the files that you’ve recently copied.

7. Open META-INF folder in PORT ROM folder and navigate through the folder containing “updater-script” file.

8. Open “updater-script” file with Notepad++ and find the following lines in “updater-script” file

format(“ext4”, “EMMC”,”/dev/block/mmcblk0p5″, “0”);

mount(“ext4”, “EMMC”,”/dev/block/mmcblk0p5″, “/system”);

mount(“ext4”, “EMMC”,”/dev/block/mmcblk0p7″, “/data”);

now replace “mmcblk0p5” , “mmcblk0p5” , “mmcblk0p7” from “updater-script” of STOCK ROM with PORT ROM.

Note : If you do not have your stock updater-script follow the steps from step 18 to edit mount points without stock-updater-script : Edit mount points

9. After modifying the “updater-script” file, save it.

10. You must port the kernel before flashing or you will be stuck in bootanimation.
Port Kernel

11.After porting the kernel (boot.img), copy it into your PORT ROM folder.

12.Select the 3 contents (system folder , META-INF folder , boot.img) and Right-Click and click on “Add to Archive”

13.Click on radio button named as ZIP.

14.Click OK and wait until it Repacks.

15.Copy it to your SD CARD and do a COMPLETE WIPE before flashing to avoid any Bootloop.

Color OS For All MT6572

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